Science City

Le Caire . Égypte

Maîtrise d’ouvrage : Bibliothèque d'Alexandrie

Architecte : SLA Architecture

BET Urbanisme : BECT

Surface : 88 Ha
Montant de travaux : 220 M €
Mission : Concours
Études : 2016

As usual , the study of the Science City in Cairo has carried us to focus our  research  arround the subject and the place.How to propose an iconic Architecture within a millenary city, a cradle of one of the oldest civilization of this world?

Beyond the historic, civilizational and cultural dimensions, the program is articulate on two heavy words of meaning: the Sciences and the City. The project owes to be authentic, emergent and directed on the future of the Man. We submitted our building design to the eyes of people outside the design team, the construction is systematically likened to an airplane. Although naive, this comparison has the merit to confort us in the perception of the object.

The airplane stays this beautiful invention which that has enabled man to realize one of its wildest dreams, overcome gravity and fly through the air. Nevertheless, the generative elements of the form resume the principles known for the antique Egyptian architecture. Voluntarily, we directed the building on an East-west major axis. 

At the east, the tower bearing the designs of the illustrious scientist Ibn Al Haytham marks the gate to access at the city and generates the central core of the composition. This strong form joins the ground at the west suggesting another universe to the public by the link with the science park.
The metaphor with the antique temples becomes complete by the journey in boat proposed in this point...In our case, the architectural project experience of the Science City will remain unique by its depth, its education and its diversity.